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IN A MEDICAL EMERGENCY CALL 112 THEN FAST ON 868 487 015 for immediate First Aid support in the area of CAMPOSOL and SALADILLO

One of our FAST cars

The following was posted in a local Camposol Facebook Group on 14th June 2023
Names have been redacted in line with our Data Protection Policy.

A massive thank you to the FAST Responders that came to me last night ( sorry I didn't get your names ) when I fell down the metal stairs for you to come out and take care of me and get and ambulance here,
and my husband was really grateful that you were here when I passed out. It’s great to have people like you around, everyone should appreciate you , you never know when you will need these lovely people. Thank you xx

The following was posted in a local Camposol Facebook Group on 13th June 2023
Names have been redacted in line with our Data Protection Policy.

I would just like to thank the Responder from FAST for attending to someone quite poorly this morning and making such a huge difference until the ambulance arrived.
Your expertise and calm approach really helped in a worrying situation. You and the whole FAST team are truly amazing.

The following was posted in a local Camposol Facebook Group on 11th June 2023
Names have been redacted in line with our Data Protection Policy.

Hi folks
I don’t have any names except for the Responder from FAST but I want to thank some people. On Monday 5th June I was putting my shopping in the boot of the car in the car park on A Sector, I closed the tailgate , stepped back and fell in a very large pot hole. Two very kind men who were in work clothes came right to me and helped me up after checking that I was able to do so, a couple in their car also offered to run me home as I wasn’t really able to drive and I was extremely grateful for this. I called FAST when I got home and it was clear I had injured my foot in some way, off I was sent to hospital and it was found that I had fractured a bone in my foot. Perhaps you may have heard the story from some of these people or know of them, but I wanted to say a huge thank you for all your kindness and assistance on this day I am so grateful. I also want to thank my friend and her husband for all they have done for me, shopping hoovering, visits to IKEA A Camposol Resident
A testimonial by Richard a holiday home owner in Camposol

Tuesday 13th September 2022 whilst sat in my car at the Galp fuel station pondering the day ahead, un-beknown to me feeling quite normal at this time I passed out. Luckily my son saw this prior to paying for the fuel and hastily raised the alarm on the forecourt. I was unconscious by this stage but in the grip of a major heart attack. Very luckily for me, and I count myself to be extremely lucky, there were close by several members both on and off duty from the registered charity FAST in Camposol. They immediately started work on me with CPR and a defibrillator
My hospital report states I had died prior to the intervention of FAST.
At the same time a very quick-thinking lady from La Caixa bank rang for the ambulance and, as the saying goes, the rest is history.
Having spent 5 days in ICU and 5 days on the ward at Santa Lucia hospital in Cartagena and several surgical procedures later, I am now recovering at home here on Camposol. My message is not to talk about myself, although I considered myself a reasonably fit 62 year old man, but to get out a message of how quickly things can change and how, without the intervention of FAST, their staff, the staff at Galp fuel station, the general public and the procedures undertaken by them I probably would not be here to tell my story. Now FAST need your help: they need volunteers to be suitably trained to be able to help in events such as mine. I can only reiterate my previous comments that without their early attendance and early intervention and procedures undertaken my outcome would be very different indeed. It is certain in this instance FAST saved my life.
Email to FAST Received 4th March 2022 - Names have been redacted
Addressed to the FAST Committee

On behalf of my wife, I would like to provide an account of our experience during our recent trip to our home on Camposol.
Commencing 21st February 2022, my wife experienced lower abdominal pain on her right hand side which, over the following days, became more severe.
The pain was still present on Friday 25th. February and she decided to contact FAST for advice.
She spoke with a FAST Responder and she gave him an account of her symptoms.
The Responder was extremely professional and persuasive in advising my wife not to ignore the symptoms under any circumstances and to go immediately to the Centro Salud Puerto de Mazarrón.
He also gave us a further piece of key advice, telling us to bring a listing (in Spanish) of all my wife's symptoms.
At the Centro Salud we were promptly seen by a Doctor who, after reading our account and carefully examining my wife, advised us to go immediately to Hospital General Universitario Santa Lucía. On arriving at the hospital my wife again presented her listing of symptoms and underwent several checks including a physical examination, a blood sample and an ultrasound.
It was this which convinced the hospital staff that my wife needed an immediate Appendectomy; she was taken to the operating theatre around 22:30 and underwent the operation.
Late on Friday night I was contacted by hospital staff to tell me that the operation was a success, that my wife was in a recovery room and would later be transferred to a ward.
She received excellent diagnosis and treatment and was discharged from the hospital on Monday 28th February.
The clinical and support staff at the Centro Salud Puerto de Mazarrón and at Santa Lucía were extremely friendly, supportive, and professional and we are indebted to them.
We are also indebted to The FAST Responder and the FAST Organisation.
My wife fully intended to "toughen it out" and without the compelling advice and support we received, from FAST our experience may well have ended very differently and much more seriously, including the very real and frightening risk of a ruptured appendix.
Once again, our sincere and heartfelt thanks to the Clinical and Support staff at both the Centro Salud Puerto de Mazarrón and at Hospital General Universitario Santa Lucía.

Posted on the Pegunas y Mas Facebook group on 4th March 2022 - Names have been redacted in line with our Data Protection Policy

A huge thank you to FAST who assisted our neighbours yesterday, and special thanks to the Responder.

Email to FAST Received 7th March 2022 - Names have been redacted in line with oue Data Protection POlicy
Addressed to the FAST Web Admin

At the end of October 2021, I needed the assistance of FAST at 2am, when my husband was having chest pains.
I had already dialled 112 and the paramedics were on their way, but as I didn't know how long it would take for them to get here, I felt I needed the support of FAST.
The Responders who attended quickly took control of the situation and liaised with the paramedics when they arrived. After the paramedics had left, having decided that my husbanded needed to go to hospital, the FAST Responders remained with us until the ambulance arrived, keeping us calm and focused.
In the following days, not only did they keep in touch with me to check on my husband's health, but also checking that I was okay.
My husband had suffered a heart attack and has thankfully made a full recovery after a week in hospital, but FAST will never know just how grateful we were for their assistance that night.
It was a scary time and I will remain indebted to them for their support.

Do you have a testimonial for FAST if so, please let us know. FAST needs all the support it can get in this trying time.