General Info

December, 2020 by Gordon Clive


CST/FAST is a fully registered and insured charity whose sole purpose is to serve the emergency medical needs of everyone who lives or visits Camposol. If you live on the Country Club or Condado de Alhama, you can call the emergency number for advice over the phone. Unfortunately we cannot respond to calls outside Camposol. FAST have been recognised by the British Consulate and the British Embassy in Madrid for the work we carry out. All responders and instructors are volunteers who give their time for the people of Camposol.

If you have to call for an ambulance, call 112 and the operator will ask a series of questions so they make your call the correct priority. You can ask for an operator to speak in your language if you do not speak Spanish. Then call FAST on 868 487 015

We recently had an Instructor & Responder training courses run in Camposol, which gave us three new instructors and several more Level 4 Responders.

Why not join our team of Responders. The shifts that are covered can be 6, 12 or 24 hours to suit the individual. There is no need to have previous knowledge of first aid as all training will be provided free of charge. Supporters are free to help where and when they can, if you have any spare time and want to help your community just call us on 634 308 362 or or come along to one of our training sessions, which are every Tuesday morning at the Cultural Centre on B sector. we will be glad to explain how you could help. Volunteering can take as much or as little time as you can give.

FAST Uniforms

We would like to thank all the businesses on Camposol for their support, collection tins are in most premises. All the donations and fund raising enable the whole team to provide this unique service for the people of Camposol.

The FAST nurses and doctors are collecting every Monday morning. Give them a wave and your spare cash, they are always extremely grateful.

FAST has changed too in recent times due to the continuous training available to FAST responders. Responders have been upgrades to Level 3 and some have been upgraded to Level 4.

FAST Training usually takes place every Tuesday at the Camposol Cultural Centre from 10:00 am
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are at present unable to use that facility, but training is continuing as premises become available.

FAST are working on Camposol for you. Help us to help you..

If you are calling FAST from a non-Spanish mobile you must precede the number with the code for Spain (0034)