July to October, 2022 by Tony Dwyer & Suzanne Reid

IN A MEDICAL EMERGENCY CALL 112 THEN FAST ON 868 487 015 for immediate First Aid support, for the area of CAMPOSOL and EL SALADILLO

FAST also has a number of Responders who are trained in 'Mental Health First Aid'

Do you want to learn first aid and become FAST a responder and join this highly respected charity on Camposol?
Call into the cultural centre on Tuesday morning for a warm welcome. Sessions run from 10:00 to 12:00 most weeks.

OR Email:

Important News !

FAST has re-started Operations - August 2022

Announcement by the FAST President Suzanne Reid

Dear Camposol Residents and Visitors,

After considerable effort, deliberation, consideration, and Legal guidance I am delighted to inform you that the FAST Organisation has restarted full operations.

FAST will attend if possible. It is intended that full 24/7 cover should be available. However, current numbers of available Responders make that difficult at present.
FAST are currently qualified in two levels.
• Level 3 Responders must attend in pairs or with a Level 4 Responder.
• Level 4 Responders may attend as SOLOS. They have more training and additional skills.
• Over the past almost three years, FAST has lost a number of Responders, who have yet to be replaced. We are trying really hard to recruit new Responders and training courses are scheduled.

• Priority will be given to calls where there may be a threat to life and to carry out the necessary First Aid / First Responder procedures to SAVE LIFE. This includes Cardiac Arrest, Catastrophic Bleeds, Suspected Strokes or any situation that may be considered Life Threatening.

• All Responders will use appropriate PPE (Personal Protection Equipment).


One of our FAST cars

All our responders are fully trained first responders and authorised by the Murcian Health Authority (MHA) to operate the Automatic Electronic Defibrillator (AED) and to perform CPR.

In a medical emergency call 112 first then call FAST on 868 487 015 for immediate First Aid support.
We will keep the people of Camposol up to date regarding the lifesaving service on social media, the FAST Facebook page and our WEB page is where you can find more up to date information.
To give 24/7 cover we need to recruit more people to be trained as responders.
Most Responders will always respond in pairs day or night. We have flexible shifts, 6 hours, 12 hours or 24 to suit the individual

If you have symptoms of the Corona virus you should stay at home and phone 900 12 12 12 and explain your symptoms and they will advise you on what you should do.

If you have a medical emergency call 112. Ask for an operator to speak in your language if you do not speak Spanish. They will ask a series of questions in order to prioritise the call. If the call is at night, we ask the caller to put outside lights on, this will help the Emergency services to find your location.

When FAST Responders attend a csualty. we can stop catastrophic bleeding, ensure the casualty has an open airway and if required give lifesaving CPR. Both the FAST vehicles are fully equipped with Defibrillators, blood clotting type bandages and all the other kit required to support the First Responder. We also comfort the other members of the household; give advice on what the medics will want to see when they arrive. Also if the patient has to stay in hospital we have a list of things they may need for a hospital stay.

On Tuesday 26th July 2022 FAST was finally able to hold a long overdue Annual General Meeting (AGM). The last 2.5 years have been very diffult for FAST but we are still here.
At the meeting Baz Hamilton stepped down as President after 6 years in the role. His contribution to FAST has been truly vast.
Gordon Clive stepped down from the Vice President role and Jenny Salt retired as the Secretary of FAST Graham Salt stepped down from his long term place on the FAST Committee.
Their contributions to the running and maintence of service that FAST provides has been invaluable.
The following were elected by the membership.

Suzanne Reid - President of FAST
Tony Dwyer - Vice President
Jayne Miller - Secretary of FAST
Beryl Snowden - Treasurer
Tracey Comper - Training Co-Ordinator
Lesley Stewart-Paver - Operations Admin.
Philip Knowles - Fleet Management

FAST would like to say a huge THANK YOU to the management and staff of The Diner & Bar, Camposol and to all those who provided raffle prizes or bought raffle tickets at the quiz on 27th July in aid of FAST. A whopping 244€ was raised! And a good time was had by all in the process. Many thanks to Jay Leatherland for hosting!

FAST would like to say thank you to all those businesses and individuals who donated prizes for the FAST raffle at the Camposol A Sector Music Night last Saturday 23rd July. And thanks to all those who bought tickets – congratulations to our winners! Let’s hope the young lady who won the bonus cuddly dog prize donated by our Responder Patrick, has a big suitcase to take her new friend home!
The biggest winner of the night was of course FAST with a massive 837€ raised from the raffle alone.
Many thanks to everyone involved.
· CD/Radio/MP3/USB player – donated by – Euronics
· Lunch for 2 – donated by – Bar Raya, Pto de Mazarron

· Large Breakfast for 2 – donated by– Trevi Bar, Camposol
· Menu del Dia for 2 – donated by – Pekin 6, Camposol
· Lunch for 2 – donated by – Piccolo’s, Camposol
· Fish & Chip Supper – donated by – -Cat’s Bar, Camposol
· Bottle of The Guv’nor – donated by – Rudy’s, Camposol
The following items were donated by members of the public
· 3 bottles of Carloads, La Manga
· Cava Gift Box
· Wine & Biscuit Set
· Bottle of Sherry and Brandy
· Pen, Note Pad, Glass Covers and Greeting Cards set

Nine new Responders ! FAST ran a Training Course in September 2022 to certify new First Responders. All nine of the attendees completed the course and will be able to join the active FAST Responder team. The course was led by Baz Hamilton, assisted by Tony Dwyer. This is good news, but FAST still needs more dedicated Responders to be able to provide a full time (24/7) service. If you think you could do it, sign up for the next course, which will be running soon.

A cheque for 450 Euros ! On Tuesday 11th October 2022 The Camposol Golf Association presented FAST with a cheque for 450 Euros. This was a share of the proceeds from two charity quiz nights that the Camposol Golf Association had run at the Golf Club House.

The FAST 'Nurses' are back on a Monday morning, give them a wave and any donation is gratefully accepted. Our expenses have not reduced while we were inactive.
The two vehicles still have to be taxed and insured.
They are serviced regularly and ITV inspections carried out.
A lot of the consumables we carry have to be replaced as the dates run out. There are significant items, such as Debrillator Pads, which are approxiately €75 a set and are 'Use Once Only'. They have a finite shelf life.

If you are calling FAST from a non-Spanish mobile you must precede the number with the code for Spain (0034)