FAST Public Message on Coronavirus

We would like to assure the Camposol community that due to Coronavirus becoming pandemic, that FAST have put in place protocols and procedures to keep you safe and reduce the risk of cross-infection to you and our members.

In the meantime, please be aware that good hand hygiene will help to defeat most flues passing from person to person. This particular virus strain can incubate in your system for up to 14 days without showing any symptoms so you can pass it on without knowingly doing so. Those most at risk are vulnerable people who have pre-existing lung or coronary disorders so extra care should be taken. So here are some tips to help reduce the risk:

• When sneezing and coughing always use paper tissues and dispose after each episode appropriately, making sure to wash your hands after or use alcohol-based wipes/gel.

• After handling money, remember not to touch your mouth nose or eyes. Notes and coins can hold any flu virus for up to 11 hours after being contaminated. Likewise shopping trollies, public transport seats and bin areas.

• If you develop flu symptoms please don't rush to hospital. Treat the symptoms with staying indoors, take analgesics (paracetamol if not allergic), increase your fluids and if your symptoms do not improve over 48 hours, seek help from a GP. However if you have any pre-existing lung or coronary problem do inform your GP on feeling unwell.

• If FAST are called to your home and it is identified you are suffering from flu like symptoms, please do not be alarmed if the responders wear a surgical face mask. This is a precaution that has to be taken and it is hoped that this virus can be contained before we have to take such measures or instructed to do so by the Murcian Health Authority.

• Thank you for your cooperation and stay safe

Baz Hamilton BEM OstJ MSc MRCS(Ed) PHC
President FAST